Making science work for development
  • We bring people together
  • We share knowledge
  • We promote opportunities

We bring people together

We work together with other key organisations to improve coordination, identify future research needs and share best practice in research for development.

We share knowledge

Connecting the research with a changing policy landscape provides important context for big decisions and helps create solutions that are relevant and effective.

We promote opportunities

We work to foster the future of research for development by promoting and brokering opportunities for collaboration, funding and jobs.

UKCDS brings together UK government departments and research funders to deliver effective development outcomes

Professor Duncan Wingham
  • UKCDS Chair
  • Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


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.@DaphneJacksonTr have you seen the EU MSCA fellowships which enable researchers to resume after a career break?
2 hours 8 min ago
RT @roslininstitute: New Roslin collaboration with @uchile to improve disease resistance in salmon @ScotGovAmericas
2 hours 24 min ago
How is the #globaldev relationship changing? The @devcomms annual conference is in Sept, submit your work by 5 May
2 hours 54 min ago
(2/2) Tomorrow’s #WorldMalariaDay. A shout out to all our members who fund research on the disease: @wellcometrust @BBSRC @ESRC @NERCScience
3 hours 30 min ago
Tomorrow's #WorldMalariaDay. A shout out to all our members who fund research on the disease: @NewtonFund @The_MRC @EPSRC @DFID_UK (1/2)
3 hours 30 min ago
Currently in Europe or outside?Researchers,make a switch,learn new skills and share knowledge.Find out how with UKRO
3 hours 59 min ago
Join TODAY's #knowledgeAfrica debate with @SciDevNet & @PlanetEarthInst. It starts at 1pm and you can watch it here:
6 hours 54 min ago
Calling all humanitarian innovators! @The_HIF large grants available till 14 May. See #Development & #Implementation:
1 day 2 hours ago
RT @SimonRKerridge: Alan. UK punches above weight with only 1.6% GDP investment in research. How good could we be with Asian (3-4%) funding…
1 day 4 hours ago
The excellent evaluation of the #REF2014 impact by @kingscollegelon being shown at #WHEFEvents. Check it out here:
1 day 4 hours ago
Increase in cross-cutting research in part thanks to @research_uk funding schemes - gd news from the #WHEFEVENTS on #REF2014
1 day 5 hours ago
RT @ProfDcotton: Case studies took average of 30 days compared to 5.1 days in pilot, 3 days in Australian equivalent. #WHEFEvents #resman
1 day 6 hours ago