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What's happening in Sci4Dev this week? 06/10/2017

Nobel Prize Medal in Chemistry. Photo cred - Adam Baker
4 October 2017

Announcements and News

  • Nobel Prizes have been announced this week - Nobel Prize
    • Chemistry: for imaging biological molecules - jointly awarded to an MRC scientist
    • Physics: for the observation of gravitational waves
    • Physiology/Medicine: for the discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm
  • DFID has published a statement on the new reforms on aid suppliers –
  • The Lancet has published a study warning that most countries are lagging on health SDGs - SciDevNet
  • University of Oxford researchers show new typhoid vaccine that could halve infection rate - Wellcome Trust
  • NERC has awarded grants to seven UK research institutes to deliver training to NERC-funded researchers to help make their science more accessible to non-expert audiences - NERC
  • The  British Geological Survey (BGS), a newly-formed component body of NERC, has named its first Chair as Sir Keith O'Nions - NERC
  • Wellcome Trust has announced their new science strategy - Wellcome Trust


Reports and events

Other news and interesting links

  • ‘Bias’ blamed for dearth of female Nobel prize-winners – Times Higher Education
  • Following UNGA, blog on whether the SDGs are succeeding or stalling, two years in - Bond
  • Article on water and power: mega-dams, mega-damage? – SciDevNet
  • Blog on if food help in the battle against climate change: an insight on Paris-compliant healthy food systems – Food Security
  • The islanders of New Guinea are some of the most diverse people in the world. Here’s why – Science Mag
  • Emma Rosen