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What's happening in Sci4Dev this week? 09/02/2018

World Economic Forum The Global Risks Report 2018
9 February 2018

Announcements and News

  • RCUK has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) for the responsible use of metrics - RCUK
  • DFID has published its Education Policy to address the learning crisis and ensure poor and marginalised children are not left behind –
  • FCO announced new projects which bring UK space firms together to tackle global challenge –
  • Wellcome Trust has been admitted as a non-state actor in official relations with WHO – Wellcome Trust
  • MRC-funded research is exploring previously discarded chemical compounds to see if any could be developed for new antibiotics - MRC
  • Wellcome Trust is launching a £10m research partnership in ten cities to help policy makers and governments act to improve population health and minimise health inequality - Wellcome Trust
  • NERC's Operation Earth programme launches this month at 11 science and discovery centres across the UK - NERC



Reports and events

Other news and interesting links

  • Women in science: the need for gender-inclusive workplace environments for science and medicine – The Lancet
  • In conversation with Nobel Prize Winner Françoise Barré-Sinoussi - Mosaic
  • Stigmatisation, ignorance still rife 35 years after HIV revealed as cause of AIDS - SciDevNet
  • The development blogging crisis - Aidnography
  • Global student mobility growth ‘to dwindle over next decade’ – Times Higher Education
  • Emma Rosen