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Global health

Health is one of the key challenges for international development, with one child a minute dying from malaria, and many other lives ruined by infectious and non-communicable diseases.

UKCDS member organisations fund hundreds of millions of pounds of health research every year, from fundamental genetics to clinical trials and the study of how health systems could be improved. Some of this research is funded by single Members, but increasing amounts is funded in partnership, like the joint Global Health Trials Initiative (MRC, Wellcome Trust and DFID).


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Health and development

The UKCDS Secretariat brings health funders together to share information, and promote opportunities for collaboration.

This is primarily through the Health Funders Forum for Research in Developing Countries, which meets every six months to discuss current activities and opportunities for working together.

Part of this is the work on health systems. UKCDS member organisations understand that for health services to reach the that people need them requires a functioning health system, with policies, institutions and people working effectively.

UKCDS member organisations are working together to collect rigorous evidence on how health systems work, and what can be done to improve them.

If you have any questions about Health and development, then please feel free to contact Sheila Mburu
31 July 2015
Priorities, priorities The Secretariat’s work bringing together UK health funders with interests in international development continues. We have been involved in discussions about the shape of the...
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9 February 2015
UKCDS has completed a mapping of over 300 global initiatives which aim to strengthen health research in low- and middle-income countries. This exercise was undertaken to inform discussions of the MRC...
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19 November 2014
UKCDS is helping to compile a database that will list all academic research relevant to the current Ebola crisis in West Africa. At the request of the Wellcome Trust, which itself is funding a number...
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18 March 2014
The MRC has recently published it’s refreshment of the Strategic Plan: Research Changes Lives 2014-2019, this can be found on their website. Research Changes Lives 2014 - 2019 continues MRC’s...
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29 July 2013
The Wellcome Trust devotes a significant proportion of funds to health-related research conducted outside the UK through its international funding. It's strategy in global health research focuses on...
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7 June 2013
The UKCDS Secretariat recently organised an important international workshop, entitled 'Health systems research in low and middle income countries: the role of global health research funders in the...