Making science work for development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is essential if basic human needs are to be met without compromising global resources and the quality of life for future generations.

UKCDS member organisations fund research that addresses the underpinning requirements of sustainable development, from predicting climate change and protecting natural resources for food and water security to developing low carbon energy.

The UKCDS Secretariat works with UK funders to share information, showcase their work and facilitate multidisciplinary approaches to address the complex challenges of sustainable development.

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Working with businesses

Over recent years, the reality of who gives and who receives aid has been changing, and the role of the private sector in sustainable development has become increasingly important. From local markets to multinational corporations with operations in developing countries, the private sector – through job creation and associated goods and services- offers the opportunity for positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

UKCDS has begun work to look at the way that the research community can collaborate with the private sector to measure its impact, and maximise the positive contributions back to societies in developing countries. From bananas to mined metals, companies can ensure that business practices throughout their global value chains create measurable impact, by engaging with research.

To take this forward, UKCDS members and representatives from across the private sector will be meeting to identify how these synergies can be achieved. 

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29 October 2015
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19 March 2015
For UKCDS, improved engagement between academia and the private sector is a key priority for the future of science for development. At the last UKCDS Board meeting in September 2014, it was agreed...
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