Making science work for development

Making science work for development

UKCDS members collaborate when funding research in similar topics or around multidisciplinary problems. The UKCDS Secretariat works on improving the processes of science funding, uptake and communications, and runs a group on capacity strengthening, to maximise the impact of UK research in development.

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Research uptake and impact

UKCDS and partners are working with funders, researchers and practitioners to encourage and enable more research into use.

Simply producing high quality evidence through rigorous research is often not enough to have an impact on the decisions of policy makers and practitioners. Research programmes that successfully lead to uptake usually include aspects such as strong user-engagement, research communications and the help of intermediaries to translate and promote the research.  

Achieving research impact is still not an exact science and UKCDS aims to share lessons learnt and best practice about research uptake and impact and to identify new or added value opportunities to enhance existing or future activities.

If you have any questions about Research uptake and impact, then please feel free to contact Alex Gwyther
2 March 2017
The Research Excellence Framework is undertaken by the four UK higher education funding bodies to assess the quality and impact of research in UK higher education institutions. It was used to inform...
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  • Research uptake and impact
11 September 2013
UKCDS has compiled some information on various schemes aimed at improving research and innovation capacity in low and middle income countries. These pages are not comprehensive but are a starting...
8 June 2015
As part of our work exploring UK research's impact on development, we commissioned an analysis of the impact case studies submitted to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF).  The analysis,...
27 April 2015
The Research Excellence Framework 2014 is now a fading memory in the minds of many researchers and research managers, with the results having been published in December 2014. However, UKCDS is...
  • Research uptake and impact
27 October 2014
On 27 October UKCDS hosted a workshop for funders and researchers to discuss the findings of a DFID literature review: "What is the evidence on the impact of research on international development?"...